Contagious Outbreak Management Plan

    Casey Health is a strategic alliance between Kilroy Blockchain and Austin Urban Technology Movement (AUTM), providing the people and systems needed to fight contagious diseases.

Why use Casey Health?

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    Casey-certified contact tracers from local communities are recruited and trained by AUTM.

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    Kilroy Blockchain Casey + AUTM = Casey Health contagious outbreak management plan.

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    Speed up contact tracing and broaden outreach with measurable results.

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Who is behind Casey Health?

Video: Casey Health Discussion - AUTM and Kilroy Blockchain

South by Southwest 2021 Excerpt: Karen Kilroy and Michael Ward Jr. discuss the Kilroy Blockchain and Austin Urban Technology Movement strategic alliance, Casey Health. Recorded March, 2021.


Austin Urban Technology Movement (AUTM)

AUTM recruits, hires and trains individuals referred to as "AUTMites" who become Casey certified and fill the outreach and contact tracing positions for Casey customers.

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Austin Urban Technology Movement

Casey by Kilroy Blockchain

Casey by Kilroy Blockchain is a contagious outbreak management system that is secured by blockchain.

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Casey contagious outbreak management system

Press Release

August 16, 2021 press release explaining Casey Health and the strategic alliance between AUTM and Kilroy Blockchain.

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Casey Health Press Release

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